We believe we supplied the very finest herbal food supplements for men bar none for the best part of two decades.


However, the world of ecommerce is not just about quality product, value for money and excellent service. If it were we would still be flying higher than a kite. Nor does it matter how much integrity you have as a person or company. If you sell herbal products then you are up against payment providers who have come to regard such items as "high risk" despite the facts and figures proving otherwise. You can trade for years without any issues or chargebacks but suddenly they will shut you down with no warning. Overnight you lose the facility to accept credit card payments. They can also freeze funds limiting yur ability to pay bills or wages. Suddenly your business is in danger of collapse. 


This happened to us three times in two years. You know the old sayings "three strikes and you are out". "third time you go under for good" and so on. They are proving true because every time it becomes harder to bounce back. We spent ages looking for a suitable gateway but either they will not support our type of product or their terms are ridiculous for example expecting a turnover of £50K per month and total compliance with EU regulations when the UK is no longer in the EU. We even tracked down providers who host similar sellers but got nowhere.  No room at the inn. 


The switch to payment by bank transfer has not proved satisfactory. Only 60% of orders were completed. This reduces revenue and bulk buying power. Life without credit cards is very hard for a small business and impairs its viability. The days of cheques and postal orders are long gone and if some customers are unable or unwilling to pay by direct transfer (or their bank refuses to support this method) there's nothing much we can do. Thus the closure of this site until further notice. Sell on ebay? We were a power seller until paypal closed us down. Amazon?  Almost impossible to get new herbal products listed. Believe me. we have looked at every angle.


We do not as yet know when or if we will reopen. That depends on various factors. We have a hardcore of customers who appreciate how reliable our product and service has been down the years and we thank all of you for your loyal custom.